Yoyo TOO unresponsive

I have been using a Cold Fusion for a few years now, and recently I have been really struggling to get it up out of sleeping. I used lubrication for roller stake bearings, so is is super fast. Do I need a slower lube? Something else?


You might need to get new response pads. After a long time of use the response pads wear down and will not grip the string. So then you need to get a new pair.


In addition to new pads try some different lube such as 3-in-1 oil or Super Lube Oil With PTFE Teflon 51010 0.25 fl oz (7 ml) Oiler Pen (this is the same as yomega brain lube).


time for new string while you’re at it? how old is the string? i think cotton string is more responsive than poly or a blend. but i think jolly is probably right. if it’s been a few years with the same brake pads, that would likely be the issue.

i just did a search for that yoyo. it looks like the response system is made of cork?!?

nice looking throw though.