The Ten Rules Of Yoyoing

  1. Thou shalt not wind up a yoyo
  2. Thou shalt not use a brain twister mount to bind a yoyo
  3. Thou shalt not use transaxle yoyos with string tricks
  4. Thou shalt not use metal yoyos in 4A
  5. Thou shall carry more than one yoyo
  6. Honor thy string and your ball bearing
  7. Thou shalt not play with a knot in the string
  8. Thou shall not “Let your friend play with it”
  9. Thou shalt not learn the mount but not the trick
  10. Thou shalt not do slack tricks with a responsive yoyo




Thou shalt not flame on yoyoexpert

  1. Thou shalt not walk the dog.


I’ve definitely broken a lot of these, firstly the playing with a knot and letting my friend play with it (he’s a thrower too). And I very often just learn a mount from a tutorial then take it off in my own direction for original material. And plenty of slack tricks can be done with a responsive yoyo (just watch Ed or Drew). And sometimes you can only carry one throw with you. and technically all ball bearing yoyos are a subtype of “transaxle” and it’s perfectly fine to do 1A with them (or plastic transaxles).


Thou shall not cry over dinged yoyos
Thou shall not use cotton string
Thou shall not pass up a yyf mystery bag/box
Thou shall not scorn clyw,od,c3 and ect


I carry around 2 throws all the time


Thou shall not be a compleat nube when you start!


Thats easy… No problem ::slight_smile:


I have broken the majority of these commandments! lol.

Is there a confessional where I can repent for my sins against the yoyo gods? ;D


(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #11

Thou shall not limit yourselves to the confines of standards or rules followed by the norm, for yoyoing is creative freedom, limits being ones imagination and desire to achieve. (Oh and you must have a yoyo)


That’ll shall not lube your yoyo bearings with junk.


Play yoyo everyday.



Thou shalt not hence throwing.


I always carry my DM2, my Yomega Hotshot (For those friends who want to play) and a simple looper. Every once in a while I carry around my looper with the 5A attachment, and one time I played 4A in public. I’m not good at it though.


Thou shalt nit endanger others by throwing before looking.


break that rule often. More when my dog runs around me trying to get me to play with him. Or one of my family members walks by and freaks out


The one and only rule to yoyo by. Have a yoyo to yoyo. And have fun I guess…


Thou shall not flame companies others may love besides its disrespectful