Let's Make a Definitive Ten Commandments of Yo-yoing!

I was inspired by this thread here to see if we could come up with a definitive Ten Commandments of Yo-yoing. Yes, I know there have been other topics regarding the rules or commandments of yo-yoing, but to my knowledge we’ve never attempted to narrow it down to just ten. Here’s how I propose it works:

  1. Everybody can submit as many commandments as they like, but please only submit one commandment per post. Also, please precede any submission with the word “Submission” so it’s easy to scroll through the thread and find submissions.

  2. Everybody can also vote for as many commandments as they like. You vote for a commandment by “thanking” the post in which that commandment appears.

  3. Please try to present your submissions in faux-biblical language (I think it’s more fun that way). Also try to keep your submissions to one or two sentences - I think shorter and punchier will win the day here.

  4. There are no penalties for taking somebody else’s idea and expanding on it/making it better, but remember Rule No. 3 above.

  5. Submissions and voting will be open for two weeks, that is to say until November 3, 11:59 EST. Once we’ve reached that date I will tabulate the votes. The ten submissions with the most “thank yous” will the Ten Commandments of Yo-yoing, as determined by you. The submission that received the most votes will Commandment No. 1, the submission that received the next most votes will be Commandment No. 2, and so forth. In the event of a tie, the submission that was posted first wins. I reserve the right to modify the language in winning entries to make them uniformly faux-biblical. I also reserve the right to correct grammatical errors in winning entries. The definitive list will have attributions to the winning authors.

I think that should be enough rules to get us started. If necessary we’ll come up with other rules as we go along. I’ll bump this thread from time to time to remind people it’s here. I’ll also post my entry as the first submission to get us started (but certainly don’t feel like you have to vote for mine). If we don’t get enough submissions then I guess this was a failure, but hopefully we can have some fun with it.

Remember to vote early and vote often!

Submission: Thou shalt never leave thy yo-yo knotted lest thy yo-yo recoil on thee and bruise thy knuckles or thy brow.


10? hmmm I thought there was only one:

Submission: Have fun!


Submission: Thou shall not ding thy brothers throws.


suggestions : Thy shou not talk in thou olde english
suggestion: thou shant not walk ye dog

Submission: though shall not take the name of thy metal in vain.

#1 If thou posses a new throw, thou shall not use it on any surface but carpet.

#2 thou shalt do your best to keep your string unknotted.

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Submission: First shalt thou attach the Holy String, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Return-Top of Caribou Lodge into a Green Triangle, who being untangle-ible in My sight, shall land it.


Thou shall use the search instead of starting new threads.

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submission: thou shall not practice 2A indoors lest ye want a cranky wife

These are good submissions, but they will be disqualified unless you put the second one in second post!

Thou shall not get into arguments over yoyos. It never looks good for either party.


Is that Monty Python and the holy grail? Lol

Wow! How do people “read” forums but “not” read the rules of posting. 40% are not per the rules and still on page one!

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We are bad.

We do what we want.

It’s called respect and maturity. If want to help the OP put it together then respect his very easy to follow directions. Basically just type the word submission followed by whatever.

Thou shalt not unscrew thy yoyo to put on a new string.


Thou shalt not ask for a recommendation in the wrong section of thy forum. And he who does shall be stoned with comments of slightly condescending nature from his brethren.



Thou shalt not borrow throws of another, if thou wilt not return said throws in same condition.

Submission: Thou shall try thy best to mirror Q, for he is the great one, who deserves to be mirror. All things shall be done in the likeness of Q, and if Q finds somebody to displease him, thou who displeases him will be struck down with GREAAAAT VENGEANCE.