Yoyo Suggestion

Hey, I am looking for a new throw. My birthday is coming up, and for that I will be looking for a metal yoyo from 80-150$ (I’m leaning towards the CLYW Gnarwhal). I am also looking for a new throw that’s from10-50 dollars( I’m leaning towards a YYF Pocket Change, because of the Center Trac bearing).

Also, I am looking for some new string, As I have not stated is I am working on expert and master tricks, but can not find the right string. I need string that I can use without having to change my string tension every two seconds.

I’ve used Kitty String 100% Poly, NO luck… I’ve also tried YYF string and Chaos string, NO luck.


Also to get things straight with the string, I need some for slack tricks!

Code 2 and ShaqlerStar, string: Expert.

What are your preferences with yoyos? Size? Weight? Play style? As far as strings go, I’m a big fan of Kitty strings but if they’re not working for you maybe give sOMEThING poly strings a go?


I would really like a 66 gram yoyo, I want it to be smaller than average size, and I also like it to play fast.

The Pocket Change doesn’t come with a CT…

I’d probably take the Arctic Circle over the Gnarwhal based on that if you want a CLYW. Alternatively, the sOMEThING Angle also fits your preferences. And with the plastic, you’d be better off with a Northstar/Shaqlerstar, Protostar or delrin Severe. They all come with centre tracs as well and play a lot better than the Pocket Change.


Yes It does

Toxic BG1 string hold their trnsion VERY well! Noce soft and whips, lacerates and slacks very quickly! And if you want a cheaper yoyo with a center trac, than id go with these 3 choices:

-Delrin Severe

  • Protostar
  • Northstar or shaqler star (same yoyo, just signitures for different players and different colors. Alos the shaqlerstar is clear)

all are much better performers than the pocket change. The protostar was used to win numerous championships, including several russian nationals. The northstar is a great long spinning yoyo and was used to win championships in 2010 (including worlds!) And the severe is the sig of tyler severance, a very great and popular player (and champion) in the yoyo community.lus its made of delrin and utilizes an acle system without spacers and similra to to yoyojam solid spin system. (these have center tracs pre installed)

the proto/north/shaqlerstars are all $35 on here i belive, and the severe is $45, but uses a more expensive and metal like plastic called delrin. Also consider the yoyojam trigger, which is made of celcon, and the chaser and are other great
plastics in the range of $30! (the chaser and trigger do not have center tracs)


Not a normal CT, a size A CT, which I’m not sure you can buy by themselves. It won’t fit in most modern yoyos.

Agree with yonut, size a bearings are fun, bit do not fit in most modern yoyos. The pocket change is alright, but wont carry you too far.

As with the metal, the gnarwhal is great! Stable, long spinning, and solid undersized throw! But i will also recommend the code 2, its probably one of the most widely liked $100 yoyo, as i have not met a single
person that doesnt like it.

^^ nice to meet you

The trident its undersized and 66 grams i don’t think anyone said that