YoYo String

I’ve been using YYN highlights for awhile now, and they work pretty good. However, after only a few hours of play, they start getting twisted and knotted and I have to replace them. I’m just wondering what kind of string you people use.

If they get knotted, you’re dismounting something wrong. If they get twisted, you just need to adjust your string tension.

Anyways, I use whatever I have on that yoyo. It’s either 100% cotton, 50 50, Strizangz (my homemade stuff, check my sig), Highlights, or I recently got some Gator Floss.

But I have to do that after every throw…

Then you are doing something wrong. I’ve used highlights for years and I don’t have any problems other than when I screw up.

I use 100% poly some chaos and gator floss.