Yoyo string

Hi, I want to know what string you guys recommend. I am hearing the Kitty string fat is good, but is there another string for 1a unresponsive that is cheaper?
I have been using 100% poly string.

Sochi and kitty are good. I’ve been using A&A string recently a bit higher price per string though.

P44 is great but shipping can kind of suck.

Zip line is fantastic but cheap is not a term I would use with there string.

Knot bad and cage free a on the cheap side and pretty decent.

I also like monkey vines and they aren’t bad in bulk price wise.

Really anything is better than magic yoyo, and other cheap 10 come with the yoyo string. Looking at you Watieoboo. The yo-yos aren’t too bad but man is the string terrible. Maybe I’m just picky.

Ohh also recently tried some string werx. I’m not as big of a fan of full nylon cause it’s slippy but I like there blend allot. Also not on the cheap end per string but worth shouting out.

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knot bad and monkey vines, what is your personal favorite out of the two?
Also do you know what both strings are made out of?

Both knot bad and monkey vines are made of 100% polyester. I think monkey vines feel better on the fingers but knot bad string whips better. Personally I’ve had quality control issues with knot bad (fraying and separation). IIRC knot bad string comes with a knot already tied at the end while the monkey finger vines do not (which I prefer because I like to cut my strings to a specific length) if that helps your decision.


yes that helps, I think I will go with monkey finger vines. thanks. :slight_smile:


Vines are a great bulk poly choice