yoyo string

how long should my yoyo string be? i am starting to get into the advance string tricks. i have a harder time with the kwijibo with a string to my belly button but an easier time with the elihops with the string to my belly button. should i use the stock length or the length to my bellybutton (which is 2 inches shorter)?

Normal polys I play stock length, I just adapted to it, if you get some of Buddy Jim’s Nor-Cal stuff they start REALLY long so I measure to about 2 inches over my gut button and chop it, plays about the same as stock poly length, so I am just used to it and therefore I cannot play with my wifes yoyo which is to her belly button, only about an inch in difference but still to short for me.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you adjust the string length to your belly button, but in the end, it is all based on your own preferences. Just adjust the string to the length that makes you comfortable.

I make my own string so the length is always a bit to long or a bit to short. Personal preference i guess, just use the length you feel the most comfortable with :smiley: