Yoyo string loop

I have been yoyoing without tying the string correctly to form the loop players use, and I was quite lazy abut it so I just used the loop that was originally done on the jam string which I use. However I got one string which was too big and my new dm2 got thrown to the ground today… Anyways how do you tie the loop like how the players do? Please help.

make a slip knot using the pre-tied loop kinda like this
might feel uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it.

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Thanks! But I feel it’s too tight for me. Anyways its better than banging your yoyo on the ground so… yeah. ;D

Sports tape around your finger will help with the tight feeling.

I like mine as tight as it will go without cutting off circulation. :wink: I absolutely hate the feeling of a slipknot starting to go loose on me as I’m doing tricks… I have to stop the trick before the yoyo goes flying.

I use a special knot on about half of my strings (can’t remember the name…someone on the forum taught it to me and now I can’t remember who, or its name!) that’s basically the original knot into a slip knot (ie. the normal yoyo way) and then the resulting loop into ANOTHER loop. When all the loops and stuff are finally “in place” (it looks weird at first, but sorts itself out) it’s a super-tight slipknot that ain’t going anywhere unless you want it to.

Drawback of the knot I use is that with a hard throw, it’ll tighten the loop around the finger and not let go… circulation starts to get affected. Ie. it’s “too tight”!

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You can make the original loop big so the knot is farther down so that way the knot stops the slip knot from getting tighter I know that’s confusing but just experiment with it you will find something that feels right.

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