Dumb Question (how to tie a knot)

Can someone please teach me how to tie a perfect slip-knot for my yo yo. Mine aren’t very good, i know this is a very embarrassing question lol

Its in the learn section here at yoyoexpert

The thing is you really don’t want an actual slip knot since they are made to allow the loop to slide or “slip.” What you want to do tie a basic knot but with two sections of string rather than one. The idea is to make a loop at the end that you can then pull the string through which is what allows the loop to close around your finger snugly and keep the string on your finger.http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g49/jdechrist/2012-05-05110334.jpg

I tried to show you how it should look using a piece of cable so you can follow the direction. Make sure you tighten the knot well before cutting off the excess string this way it won’t untie while throwing. Practice a few times on something other than a yoyo string if you are worried about messing up and wasting string.

Check out the video that Ghost8982 was kind enough to put up as well. Much easier to follow along with the video.


I like how to cut string to my desired length and tie my knot like that. The knot doesn’t come off and it’s pretty tight. I know that I posted a blog post from another store, but it’s merely maintenance so hope this will slide. [and plus, the blog doesn’t redirect or have any links to the store itself :3]

I tie my loop using a figure 8 knot, which is a knot designed to not slip. I pull that tight and then it’s good to go. Pull the string through it and no more problems!

thank you everybody :slight_smile: much appreciated