how to tie a yoyo loop

im 12 and the string i get from the package is always to long for me and i want to cut it but i dont know how to make the loop that connects to your finger which is the one that already comes in the package but if i cut it i lose that loop . can anybody send me a video or directions on how to tie the loop thanks;D

Put the yoyo on the ground.

Cut string where your bellybutton is.

Tie a loop.

Make a slip knot by threading the string through the loop.

Hope this helped!

with the tie the loop part thats what i dont know how to do

The tying the loop part is like the first step when tying a shoe.

For the tying of the loop, just take the loop and tie a regular knot with it.


Here’s another thing that might help.


Just gonna clear up what the others said:

  1. Cut your string
  2. Make a knot in the string
  3. Take the end of the string and thread that into the inside of the knot
  4. TIghten Knot
  5. Make slip Knot

This may take actual practice, because the knot can easily come looses and fly off your finger. Just make sure the slipknot is nicely wrapped on your finger and you should be good to go.

Brian, once again, you’re the only one who answered what he was asking :stuck_out_tongue:

I find that a normal slipknot loop slides too easy on my finger, and I end up having to realign it too much. I do something much simpler: just tie a simple knot, untwist the string to make a loop at the end, pull the string through that to make a slipknot.

thank you for that guide and it save he alot of strings in the future!

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