Yoyo String Balls

I saw @Brandon_Vu’ s video on yoyo string balls a while ago and I’ve been meaning to make mine. I sat down today and piled together whatever dead string I could find around the house onto a bouncy ball I (or my little brother) won’t (probably) use.


I made one too. There’s nothing in the center of mine but string. It’s a little bigger than a yoyo right now


I could have done mine without the ball, but I think it’s cool to think that somewhere in the depths of the ball was a bouncy ball. Maybe having a ball makes it more rigid/bounce more?

I’m not going to try bouncing my string ball though.

Heres mine (cadence for scale)
I dont even remember when i started it
Ps: my desk isnt Normally this cluttered


Nice. I’ve been playing around with mine for a bit and it’s really good for catch, since mine is about the exact size of a baseball. The fact that it’s made of string makes it really soft to catch :stuck_out_tongue:

I was inspired by my yoyo string ball to make something for mother’s day. I think it looks pretty cool —>IMG_20190511_191335_703


Quite frankly I liked " Yoyo String Ball" as the title to this much better. Ummm, it’s traditional, ya know. It’s what they’re called.


fair enough :slightly_smiling_face:

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