Yoyo stores near where I live

I was wondering if anyone knows about good yoyo stores in the stores near the saratogA, cupertimo, san jose, milpitas area. I don’t like waiting two days for a bottle of lube or a new throw

just feel lucky!

up here in canada, we have to wait 1.5-3 weeks for a “bottle of lube, or a new throw”!
2 days is NOT that bad!

Hey, you’re lucky. Here it’s around 2.5 weeks.

In australia it’s like 3-4 weeks.

Haha I guess I am lucky. It would a lot more convenient to go to a store.

Wow, I feel bad for Australians. I thought Canada was bad. I can just remember that time when I was fresh out of string and resorted to string from Home Depot until the end of the 2 weeks. ;D
Before I got that string I tied my old, broken string. It was just a BIT responsive. ;D

I live in Edmonton, Alberta so I have the Edmonton Yoyo Club and A Shop that sells the cheap Duncan, Yoyofactory, and Yoyojam yoyos, lube, and string I actually saw them selling a Mighty Flea for $50 there once. Too bad I didn’t pick it up tho… :stuck_out_tongue: