Yoyo stances

I looked it up and I don’t believe this thread has been made before. But I’ve noticed that a lot of yoyoers have a stance, even though I doubt they mean to have one. I’ve been working on mine (one foot slightly forward). Do you have one?

When I play frontstyle for any style of play, I have my left foot forward naturally. For side style, I just stand with my feet parallel.

I’m not what anyone would call “talented” but I have noticed this exact thing happening with me! I always catch myself with my feet shoulder width apart, straight back, and when I’m doing front mounted tricks, I usually bend over a bit so the yoyo has room to move (though I should figure out how to do front mounted tricks without bending my back some time soon)

Spencer Berry has the best yoyo stances, hands down.


arent your feet always parallel? :slight_smile:

Stand up, walk around a bit, and stop. A lot of people would end up with their feet not parallel. The right would be angled slightly right, and the left would be angled left.

In the interest of feet in this situation, I think a mild degree of crow’s feet can still be considered “parallel”

What yall talkin’ bout Willis’s? Harold Owens obviously has the best stance. Janos Karancz being a close second. As for me, I just have a kind of “normal” stance. Nothing special.

I’m regular.

I’m orthodox, left foot front, right hand and right eye dominant.
Usually a left handed person have the right foot forward, it’s just natural.

Ky Sizan has the best stances in my opinion,and charles haycock,they both move in whimsical ways and Ky does these hip sways when he plays XD i love it,i on the other hand keep my knees bent and have a habit of leaning back on my right leg knee bent and point my toes on my left foot in the air…MY POWER STANCE!