Yoyo Session #1; Morcilla (A trick sequence)

My name’s Giovanni Bravo Ruiz, also known as Gyiry across the interwebs. I have grown quite fond of yoyoing and just recently started getting good enough to post my own “yoyo sessions/sequances”.

  • Why do I call them “sessions”"instead of just “tricks”?
    Because I didn’t invent any of the tricks. I just did some of the tricks I learned off of the internet and did theml together.

This is the first of many. I’ll try and do one weekly!

Yoyo Session #1;Morcilla

[color=yellow]If you want to know any specific trick in the video let me know! I’ll gladly send you the link or, if I forgot the name of the trick, try and do a tutorial myself!

That was sick.

I like the song choice and editing style. Made it fun to watch.

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