Some body asked me the name of a trick

So I posted a video to YouTube, and today somebody asked me the name of a trick in the video. The exciting thing is its not a trick I learned or anything. It is just something I worked into my combo. It made my day.

I get it! :slight_smile: congrats

I never name any tricks I made…

I was just super excited that somebody thought something I was doing was a named trick. It really made me feel good.


Can you post a link to the vid?

That’s awesome, must be such a great feeling!

I once showed a friend a pretty basic combo, and then forgot about it. Then, about 6 month’s later I met an out-of-towner, and he showed me a trick called a “Frank Flip” (my name is Frank) - which was exactly the same combo I showed my friend.

It turned out that my friend met this guy and was teaching him tricks - when he showed him my basic combo he didn’t know what to call it, so he just said, “This is a Frank Flip”.

We’ve probably all forgotten about it by now (it really was a basic combo), but at the time, it was an incredible feeling to have a trick come full circle like that!

Sure here it is:

It’s kind of my 8-9 month video. I don’t remember when I actually started trying to yoyo with more than a basic up and down. It was somewhere around April or May of last year.

I wish I was that good at 8-9 months of yoyoing. Nice video.


I’m from the San Jose area and am a huge Sharks fan. I must have that hat! ;D

lol me too, but the problem is then I forget about them :stuck_out_tongue:

Same haha in my head they are just numbered.

I don’t have enough to number or name.

Dude I am I’m love with your hat in that video!

I picked the hat up for like $1 at a close out sale somewhere, but can’t remember where.

shoulda bought twelve


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I took the trick somebody asked about and stretched it out a little.  Here’s my second shot at it.,71879.0.html