I made up a trick

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y29uikXzFY okay I just made this up. I no It is not fast and smooth. but yeah. leave a response saying if you like it. and if you want me to make a tutoriel.
and if you want to help me give it a name. thanks. enjoy.

Hey that’s pretty good. Keep up the good work. One thing: try not having a table in the way next time.

hahah okay.

call it lot of triangles. thats a cool trick man keep it up

that was cool, keep up the good work.

It seems more like a combo of two different tricks with transitions between both of them, but that might just be me.


I think it’s just you. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I know that the first trick is called boomerang and that some one has done the last part where you land in a GT.

Boomerang? Did you mean something else there?

Yeah the last part has been done many times. Oh well.

Forgot…there are two tricks called boomerang. One is on YYE the other in do a 1 1/2 mount, then take your Non throw hand index and pull the string on the yoyo farthest to the left through the string on your non throw hand index and drop that string and you’ll have a shape like a boomerang.

That’s pretty cool! You want a name? Hmm…I think I would call it “Short Gate GT” What do you think?

Happy Throwing! =]

I like that name. that or the labrith.

I think i like “Short Gate GT” better. :slight_smile:

ok me to.

what’s with the table!?!?!

what’s with the table!?!?!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUeNGi-VDuQ here is the tut

it was very cool :slight_smile:

hey I actually liked te tutorial.  and i would strick with short gate gt. kinda sticks better.  hope to see more tricks that i could learn from you!!!