YoYo Science

So the other day in science we were looking at the periodic table of elements, and I was looking through some of the elements. To my surprise, a lot of them were yoyo related! Some were:

Titanium(Catch 22, Ti Walker, Oxy Ti)
aluminum(most metal yoyos)
Silicone(response, flowable)
Magnesium(Dungan MG)

Were there any times in school, or anywhere, where you saw something that wasn’t directly related to yoyoing, but could be?

Well, last year we learned about concave and convex lenses and i immediately thought concave bearing.

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silicone is not an element. Silicone is an inert, man made compound. not to be confused with silicon, a crystalline metalloid mainly used in computers

Yeah… sorry i messed that up, but you get the main idea.

yeah its cool

When we learned about stars :). Protostars, Supernovas, etc.

Concave bearings are the only reason I got those questions right on the test.

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Yes me too :slight_smile:

Have you sen lucky’s period table of yoyos?

Yoyos make up about .00000000001 percent of the things that are made from those elements. Alluminum isn’t 'yoyo" related, its just a common, cheap metal. Your profile says your 13 and this is the first time you looked through the periodic table? What kinds of things do American schools teach? I guess most of the American school day is spent at the cafeteria :wink:

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Hey, let’s keep things friendly now.

I could throw down a laundry list of things wrong with Saudi Arabia, so let’s just keep those types of attacks in the category of “stuff that doesn’t belong here”, even if meant in jest. Things can get out of hand quickly. I know you were joking, but I just don’t want to see the thread degrade into something it wasn’t meant to be.

But on a more serious note. Most kids don’t get good exposure to the table of elements until often high school(grades 9-12), sometimes Junior High(typically grades 7-8). A trip to the cafeteria can often be an exploration into science all on it’s own(is this gonna kill me?).

These days, with all the distractions, whatever it takes to get a kid into science, math, whatever, is good. If the OP is getting interested due to yoyo to connect that to chemistry, then all the better for that person. We can talk about the various metal and metal alloys used to make yoyos and what "all aluminum isn’t equal, or the complex chemical strings that make up silicone, polyester and the various plastics used to make yoyos.


in football our quarter back will yell something like EIGHT EIGTHY EIGHT! or when we call a green 5 we usually call it a G5. i laugh everytime. or the fact that we are a double A school.

I took it as an in common thing. We all know that. No hate allowed brother.

Haha, I was just learning about concave/convex lens and mirrors last week. XD