yoyo review

intro:so a few weeks ago i got a yoyojam axiom at the midwest reigonal yoyo competition but i wanted an 888 which was out of my price range so i bought an axiom.
first impressions: holy crap this thing is tiny! and it has a huge gap. looks 10/10
play: this thing is a little lighter than the 888 so its faster and palm grinds need a little work thumb grinds are decent but overall this yoyo is dead smooth.! overall 10/10
p.s this is my first review

Some review advice:

Put up pros and cons about the yo-yo, what do you like about it during play besides the smoothness. What’s bad about it. The rating system I hear is outdated and not many people use it nowadays.

Put some pics of it compared to similar yo-yos and give an in depth dialogue of the shape, size, and how it feels in your hand. Tell us about the spin time or whether it’s noisy or not.

For the future.

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You might want to get more detailed in your reviews, This is my personal model review:

Notice how detailed it is…