CLYW Bassalope Review [Now with Pics!]

Ok guys, here’s my first review on this site so I hope you like it, let me know what you think… I know the Bassalope has been out for a little while but I’m reviewing it anyway because I just got it in the mail lol, so here it goes:

Height: 2.07 Inches
Width:1.64 Inches
Gap: .16 Inches
Weight:66.3 Grams

Out of the Box:
Well I opened my package to see the Typical CLYW brown packaging, it was cool to find little pictures on each side of the box. It even had the fabled Bassalope on the front. I opened it up to see my beautifully anno’d Bass… It was snuggly packed in the brown papery stuff all CLYW throws come in, i took it out of the box and looked at it and realized you can only expect the best from CLYW…

First Throw:
I put the string on it and took it for a spin (no pun intended) and gave it a 10/10, so smooth, so light, and definately well weighted… i even was landing some tricks i haven’t been able to on my 888… I also give string tricks a 10/10, although the ONLY thing i really noticed was that sometimes in the middle of some string tricks the response was more sensitive then even my protostar… but i figure that’ll stop once theyre broken in.

Over All Experience:
Love it, Love it, Love it! its simply amazing . i would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Carabou Lodge yo-yo. Sebastian Brock did an awesome job putting it together and this is definitely a throw everyone should own and if not that then at least try!


View in Box:

Size Comparison (To my 888):

The Precious in my hand lol:

Thanks for reading! let me know what you guys think…I’m going to do more reviews soon, just wanted to see how this first run went… Thanks Again!!!

Nice first review. Makes me want one.

GREAT first review!!! Except maybe add some pictures next time… if you can… Other than that, nice job!! (Oh… something funny I noticed, was you said the gap was 16 inches)

Keep up the AMAZING work!! :wink:

AHH your right! lol its .16 ill change it. thanks! good idea ill post pics right now.

You should get one lol, they’re amazing. thanks!

obviously a good first review :wink:

you can put some more details like how it plays, fast, slacks, suicides etc. but thats overall your choice to keep it concise or detailed.

Thanks man i’ll keep that in mind for my next review. thanks for the feedback guys!!!

great review…I now need to purchase one ASAP seriously…acutually i’m doing that as we speek… ;D


Awesome, glad i can help!! you wont regret getting one. theyre perfect.

greatly good review
a little short

Yea i figured i would keep it short for my first review, then take in all of the advice i can to make better reviews in the future. but thanks man, i appreciate all of the feedback from you guys!

Did you get the large or small bearing version?

Great review


Oh yea i forgot to mention it, i got the Large Bearing version sorry guys!!

Nice review! :wink:

Thanks man! i’ll be hitting you up soon, i want to buy some strings from you man…

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