Detailed Bassalope Review. (with pictures!!!!)

I put my Hulk peak up for trade, not expecting anything special, but thought I’d put it up because I didn’t play it that much and it wasn’t high up in my lineup. When I thought I was losing hope, I got an offer to trade a mint Bassalope, in box, never played; and in Raspberry / Gold my favorite colorway. I heard nothing but good things about the Bassalope, from a friend and other forum members. I had to jump at the offer, which included waiting for overseas shipping and crazy volcanoes, but let me tell you, it was completely worth it.

CLYW Bassalope Stats:
Diameter: 52.55 mm / 2.07 inches
Width: 41.80 mm / 1.64 inches
Gap Width: 4.00 mm / .16 inches
Response System: Silicone iPads
Weight: 66.3 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Bearing

First Impressions
I got my peak in a trade, and never saw a CLYW box in person. I was so excited when I saw the package waiting for me when I came home. I cut it open and saw a nice and small cardboard box. Has a very fun and cool design on the side, and a little tab to open it. When I did open it (after a mix of drooling and hyper-venting) I was surprised and joyed to see an a beautiful yoyo surrounded with confetti like cardboard padding. I loved it beyond words, It was like receiving a gift. CLYW really got it right with the packaging. The yoyo is stunning! The finish is great and smooth, no ano mishaps or anything, The splash stood out against the pinkish / red body, and the gold was bright and shining. My peak was not a bright splash, so this was my first encounter with that type, and it is great. Looks wise, this yoyo blows me away, one of the best looking throws I have / Have seen.

Comfort and Tech
The bassalope is Medium sized, with a nice curve shape to it. There is a small post on each half, and inner groves on the face. It has a small IGR which is not hard to thumb grind with, but it is not as easymode as my Boss’s. It came with a Size C cleaned and desheilded bearing, which with a flick of the finger, spun fast and smoothly. No need to buy an extra bearing for the Bass, its stock bearing delivers. The silicone response is almost see through, its a little cloudy, and it is flush with the yoyo, no silicone sticking out, just like it should be. I have had really good luck with Silicone pads, they are my favorite methods of response for their long life, and their tendency to bind without snagging. When I put the loop around my finger, the yoyo was snuggly resting in my hand. I like to throw with my middle finger in the gap, Index on the yoyo’s rim, and ring finger on the side of the yoyo. This yoyo fits perfectly to my standards. Its so comfortable to throw and hold. Like i mentioned above, it is extremely smooth. Even though I have larger hands, it is possible to fit three fingers on it, one on each rim, middle in the gap. It is wide enough to accommodate for both types of “yoyo holders”. Great shape, comfortable to have in you hand.

On the Throw
I had very high expectations for this yoyo the moment it was hyped up by my friend. I was hyped up by how completely awesome it looked, and Hyped up by the community about CLYW in general. Upon the throw, I took a conservative toss, not too fast, I wanted to see how the bearing spun at medium speed. It felt ridiculously great, the red and the gold blur perfectly in harmony as a pinkish tinted yoyo flies through tricks and loops. It is a speedy through, and pretty floaty at the same time. I thought my peak floated too much which was a turnoff. I really liked the amount of float on the Bassalope because it still holds true its weight. It moderately heavy, and its a shame to me when throws lose their sense of weight because its too floaty. The suicides are great on the bassalope, and so are the whips. Landing on strings is a breeze because it is wide, but going through narrow passage’s is also very easy. The bearing is very quiet which is nice. it is not too quiet, where it is impossible to judge the speed, it is enough to judge, but quiet enough to not make you (and others) insane. The gap is the perfect size. Period. Binds are very tight and clean, almost no snags and the ability to bind on low RPM’s is close to fantastic. I have not ever had my bassalope snag up mid trick either.

Final thoughts
When I go to my yoyo case, one of the first throws I reach to grab is my Bassalope. It is a great yoyo, and it definitely is a yoyo that really satisfies a large group of yoyo’ers. I highly reccomend it, It’s extremely pleasing, to the eyes and the hands. I know for sure that this throw is not leaving my collection ANY time soon. I’m lucky for the Bassalope to have caught onto my line. A great catch indeed.

Thanks for reading! Pics soon.
Dr. yoyo (chris allan)- Idk if anyone noticed but i copied his template completely.
Ratfacedudeguy- He hyped me into getting it.
J4ymz- for a GREAT trade.

Nice review. I wish i had a bassalope… But anyways, it coverd all the right points. I cant wait to see the pics.

That’s definitely a good feeling when a new throw gets you so excited that you have to go write a DrYoYo-esque review on it right away. I can certainly identify on that one ;D

Great review for an even greater throw!

Also I feel that the amazing blasted finish should be mentioned as well. It’s definitely the next best thing you’ll find to a General Yo beadblast (though I really should try ILYY’s candyblast before I say something like that :P), but it feels incredible in the hand and on a grind.

nice one buddy :slight_smile: looking forward to the peak… HULK SMAAASSH

Bump for pictures!
It took me over 1/2 an hour to write this, i want comments!

those stawberries look tasty…


Yeah, great review. I want a Bassalope…need a Bassalope…

Haha, dont worry, no strawberries were wasted in the making of this review.
I ate them…with LOTS o sugar aha
I think im going to get more now…


lol now it’s a yoyoskills review! Killer pics bro!

great pics man ! the rasberry splash looks gorgeous ;D

great review.

very well written.

and you made that bassalope really tasty ;D


Really nice review, it makes me want one… too bad I just bought a yoyo recently…

great review! definately an option for me when i go to buy my first all metal

Oh my gosh! An acual review in the review section!!! :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Great review, extreamly professionaly put together! Nice! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!