Howe is it compared to other Caribou lodges?

Its very floaty. Completely unresponsive. That’s the one thing I noticed. Like its just impressive. My large bearing bassalope has some tiny finger grind vibe. Its a awesome yoyo. It barely hits the FULL SIZED mark. Its a little over 52mm.

…I have small and large bearing Bassalope’s - absolutely love them, really elegant profile, such a shame it’s been retired as it doesn’t play like any other CLYW. Floaty, precise and feels beautifully comfortable in the hand - imagine a wider and not so heavy on the string BvM - highly recommended.

I have a large bearing Bassalope. It’s probably one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever owned. Even on a bad throw you can’t feel it on the string one bit. Very floaty and chill. I love it!