Large bearing Bassalope owners wanted

I’m thinking about getting a Large bearing Bassalope and I would appreciate if you could give me the “ups and downs” of this Yo-Yo.
I really just need you to answer these main questions:

  1. Has the Yo-Yo ever responded in the middle of a string trick?
  2. In estimate, about how long does your Bassalope sleep?
  3. Is your Bassalope quiet, loud, or does it make a neutral buzzing noise that’s somewhere in between?
  4. Have you ever had trouble with binding it?
  5. If you have a small bearing Bassalope too, which one do you like better?

Any answers given are extremely appreciated as this might be my first CLYW Yo-Yo.


Thank you for at least putting some effort into this post.

However, I will just say that the Bassalope is a great yoyo that you can be ecstatic with if you like the specs on it.

i have sb and my cuz has lb i can say i like lb bearings more cuz i do multilayered s tricks bu the sb is awsome for slacks and whips so in between ;D take ur pick ;D ;D ;D

I love my LB Bassalope. It’s really hard for me to think of any cons when it comes to this throw. It’s got a fantastic response, nice balanced gap size, comfortable to hold, quick, floaty, and has an excellent finish for grinds.

I guess the only truly outstanding drawback of the Bassalope is that it’s basically impossible to get a thumb grind off of it. It’s not really an issue if thumb grinds aren’t a big part of your style, but it is a shame that it just can’t be a go-to throw for everything you can possibly throw at it.

If you’re looking to buy one, I’d say absolutely go for it.
You know the blue one with red splash as the main picture on the product page here at yye? I got that one ;D

yea i agree and irg wld make this yo perfect, but still thumb grindable tho, just sometimes it slips

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it’s definitely one of my quieter throws. Not silent of course, but it’s probably almost as close as you can realistically get. Also, I have never had problems with snags. Like I said, the response is very balanced, so it’s wide enough to prevent any snaggage, but thin enough so that trick binds (such as mickey bind) are easily executed and snappy.

This was also my first CLYW and I was immediately impressed. My friend who also owns an LB Bassalope said it’s much better than even his Peak.

Like the above said, I too love this thing!!!
Its very quiet, smooth, and the gap is the perfect size.
I have no trouble binding it, all binds are very tight.
I’d reccomend it alot.

All the questions you asked are kind of irrelevant to the actual yoyo.

Sleep time is based on the yoyoer
Lube can quiet a bearing.
Response and bearings and lube can change responsiveness.

The Bassalop is a good yoyo. You’ll be able to tune it t your preferences.

Actually sleep time is ultimately limited to the design of the yoyo/bearing. Whether or not you are able to use the full potential or not comes down to the yoyo thrower. If what you said were true, you could get the world record on a Lyn Fury.

Well all that’s true to an extent, but each yoyo does have inherently different traits from any other.

For example, playing both with a clean center trac bearing, I find that the Bassalope is inherently quieter than the Punch Line.

On the same note, I find myself comfortably being able to pull off longer lasting combos without a spinout (longer sleep time) on my Bassalope than my 888x.

That’s not to say that each of these differences can’t be remedied with a little tweaking, but it just illustrates the fact that you can’t put every aspect of a yoyo’s performance into the player’s hands. Otherwise there would be no reason to have so many different yoyos on the market.

I do however appreciate the point that you’re trying to make though DYonch

Wow thanks for the recommendations guys! I thought the Bassalope was good, but now… :o

And wait a second, are you saying I can use lube to make the bearing quieter without affecting the response or sleep time?

Adding oil will affect responsiveness. The more oil you add to a bearing, the more responsive/grabby it’s going to be. However, some play and break in time will fix the responsiveness without too much a compromise to noise pollution. Loudness, when it really boils down, depends on the bearing (since most bearings will be loud anyways without some sort of oil). Lube is the most common remedy.

Oil will affect spin time, since it IS something you are putting in a bearing that will slow it down. However, this change is for the most part relatively minute and unnoticeable (phew! :D). The only time you can tell you’re choking spin time is if you cram some ridiculously viscous and thick grease in there. :slight_smile:

I have bought like 7 basselopes in my day, 3 small bearing and 4 large bearing. I only have three right now, a blue acid washed lb, a pink sb, and the new gold and black splash. I really want one of the blue and red splashed ones, too. I think that out of the box they are really responsive (while still being unresponsive, of course) I have to agree with ratfacedudeguy that thumb grinds definitely require a pretty intense angle to stick them. I love the basselope, my favorite clyw throw. small bearings are nice, they kind of give it a little more of a hefty feel, I think, but the large bearing is the way to go.

You misunderstood, or maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly. But I can throw a longer sleeper on a Lyn Fury than someone who just started yoyoing can on a Bassalope. Plus, if you work on your throws/tricks enough, a Bassalope could get you through a whole two minute freestyle.

Put a drop of thin lube in every so often (it depends how much you play. For me it is every month or so) Just put a new drop in when it starts to get loud, and it will quiet down without changing sleep time or responsiveness (noticeably). Just make sure you only put a drop.

I have an SB and a LB Bassalope and I just love them. My favorite yoyo by far. Love them so much I have another LB coming.

I can’t say it IS better than say a Peak, it’s all preference, but I like it much better. For me, the Peak doesen’t even come close to the Bass.

I can’t say if I like the LB or SB better, both are awesome. I love either one for that special feel the bearing brings.

And if you like your LB Bass to be quiet, try a 10 ball or a ceramic bearing. Such a pleasant sound.

Thanks! You guys are really helpful :smiley:

Where do I get a 10-ball? All my Yo-Yo’s have 8 balls in the bearing.

1Drop makes 10-balls.

Size C? Where do I get them?