Yoyo Responsive help


Hi all

as a beginner without much research i bought a grind master from yoyofactory :frowning: grindmaster is for its unresponsiveness and i am struggling with it right now.

please advise if there is anything i can do to make it responsive?



You could always learn with an unresponsive yoyo. Makes thing easier and more fun :wink:


Try cleaning the bearing.

Edit: Sorry. Misunderstood. Thought you said it was too responsive. So yes, lube the bearing as WH0TH3MAN says.


A few things you can do to make it responsive is put thick lubricant on the bearing, put Vaseline in the bearing (not sure how well you can undo this though…), or 3 in 1. Then I would loop the string around the bearing 2 times.