Yoyo Recommendation

Hey guys, I need your opinions.
I’m looking for a yoyo that can get me started with unresponsive yoyoing, up to intermediate tricks.
I don’t know how to bind yet, and my budget is under $20 (for the yoyo itself, I will be buying lube and string, etc)
The 3 I am looking at right now are:
The Sage
The One
The Velocity.

Which one should I go for, or any other recommendations?


I believe the Sage is basically another store’s version of the OneStar. The OneStar is a fantastic yoyo for the price. The Velocity is nice, but, it has a lot of center weight. I hate to throw another option toward you, but, the ReplayPro is a fantastic yoyo and is $16. The ReplayPro has been used to win the National YoYo contest, it is definitely all the yoyo any of us needs.


I was talking about the yoyo factory ONE, not the Onestar. Either way, thanks for the recommendation, ill look into the ReplayPro

I’m new to yoyoing but I picked up a replay pro and a yyj legacy 3. I love both. Learned how to bind in a few hours and no can do it with almost no mess ups. The legacy 3 comes as a responsive yo yo but includes everything needed to make it unresponsive. It’s awesome for the price but the replay pro is great as is.

What he is saying is that The Sage is another store’s (you know which store, and I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to actually say the name here) version of the Yoyofactory oneSTAR. The ONE and the oneSTAR are separate yoyos, but the Sage is based on the oneSTAR (except the Sage is responsive (by using a half spec, I.e. thinner, bearing), uses different response pads, and is branded by the other store). Said other store made it in collaboration with Yoyofactory.

The Sage is an excellent yoyo, although I’d go with the option the store has to get the “pro pack” (comes with an unresponsive bearing, for when you’re ready for that). I’d go for that before either of the others you mentioned. It’s a really decent yoyo, and the pack comes with string, lube, and whatnot.

To second what was said above me, if you want to jump straight into unresponsive, the Replay Pro is an excellent yoyo, well worth the $16 price tag. But if not, I’d say the Sage is a great buy for you.

Okay, thanks for the advice, I think I’m going to go with the Replay Pro.

Always an excellent choice. If you don’t know how to bind, there’s any number of videos to help, and learning one of the basic reverse spin binds won’t take you long at all.

what do people think of the speed dial they still have the blue (it is B-grade) but performance wise how good is it?

Nah, it was good for it’s time.

Hey guys, thanks for all your input! I decided on the Replay Pro. I ordered it today, super excited for it to arrive!

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