yoyo questions

how do shapes (h shape,butterfly)affect yoyo play. What differences are there between full and mid/undersized(yuuksta,dmv2,lynfury) besides how fast they play. What are some pros and cons of

(sorry about my all my questions) Thanks for all your answers

HShape and Butterfly are the same Butterfly is the category. I wouldnt worry about it its nothing its just preference. Try them and see what you like.

And Yuuksta is a metal, DM2 is a Bimetal and Lyn is a Celcon plastic. They all play differently, there is no way to compare them.

Hubstacks mean you can hold it on your finger or between them or pull start. All of which is pretty useless. They add unneeded weight to a yoyo and sometimes throw off the weight ratio. Theyre just a gimmick.

Yoyos play as fast as the yoyoer.

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actually, h shapes are generally more stable then butterflys/ wing. also, it is a bit easier to play faster with a more lightweight yoyo

H shapes provide a lot of stability

This is not correct. As an opinion, maybe, but scientifically speaking there is no difference. My not-H-shape yoyos are just as stable as my H shape ones. Its all in the weight ratio. A lot of non-h-shape yoyos will more than likely sit up against rounded butterfly shapes.

Also they’re all Butterfly shape.

h shape has more spin momentum than a butterfly (usually) undersized yoyos and weight is mostly preference.


The answer to all of what you said, yoyomaverickgt, is preference.

Hubstacks are not worthless quite like Mi said, but most people don’t use them for then a few minutes when they first get them. However, they do open up a new realm of possible tricks and trick variations.