Yoyo Photography Prints

You all know my photos by now, I’m proud of them. Would any of you want to buy some professional prints?

If you haven’t seen my photos, there are some examples here

I’d have to research on price but they won’t be too cheap because I have no interest in producing poor quality prints. High quality colour corrected prints, on very high quality paper that you can frame and keep for a long time.

You’ll have a choice of sizes and your choice of photos. I may even be open to taking photos of a prized yoyo from your collection so you can show it off on your office wall or something.


I’d advise buying canson baryta paper…it’s archival, somewhat textured and reproduces colors very well. Doesn’t feel cheap and plasticy, a very robust toothed paper. You can purchase sheets but roll paper will take you a lot further and give you more bang for your buck. This is how I printed my solo show last year.

If you’d like an extra set of eyes for color correcting any of your images, I AM certified for that kind of labor :grin:


I wouldn’t be printing them at home, I’d be using a proper print shop for that. Just gauging interest for now


same deal, print shop will charge you for paper + printing + cc


you can buy the paper, cc yourself and just pay for the printing


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For me it would have to be a yoyo I own in the same color and everything. I know that sounds overly picky but that’s the only way I see myself hanging it on the wall. I do love your work though.


This was exactly what I was thinking.
lol I almost wish I could have him take a professional shot of all my favorite throws in 1 pic to hang up.

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I’m open to this kind of thing but it’d cost a lot lol

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Printing and framing photos costs a lot of money if you wanna do it right, you’re gonna be looking at $60-$120 per print depending on the size… and that’s not even considering framing.

Not tryna be a snob here, just speaking from experience

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