yoyo photography (normally with one of my holsters)

I was looking through the ‘yo-yo artwork exhibition’ the other day and since have been a little bit inspired. So I figured I’d post some yo-yo photography myself. Most of these pictures will have my holsters because I have been (and will be) putting them on Legyoyo Holsters FB page. This is a test for both my photography skills and my photoshop skills

Without further ado





That last one has GREAT composition. I love it when composition (including DOF and angle as well as location of the main and secondary subjects) breaks the norms by enough to make you go “now that was pretty cool”.

The very first two in this thread have impeccable composition as well. Amazing execution of what one might “expect” from this kind of shot. Hard to fault at all! But the one with the purple/white/black holster breaks free of that “perfect” composition and is more interesting as a result.

Nicely done!

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