Need help quick!!

Do not vote for the yoyo cause its a yoyo, vote for the best one photography wise.

the lighting on the yoyo is perfect, the thread is good too, but hat clyw photo is stellar

and I took it in my closet. :stuck_out_tongue:


The color choice of the threads was inspired, and the composition had good theory behind it…

But there was something about the composition of the thread that was just “off”, and the lighting wasn’t anything special, either.

The yoyo photo, on the other hand, was crammed full of good elements including great composition and interesting lighting.

The yoyo!
Looks like it’s sitting in snow or crushed ice.

its carpet.

A photo major’s input here.

The thread photo seems to have lack of composition. There isn’t exactly a point of focus. Perhaps if the frame was pulled out further and from a lower angle, I could see the thread photo working, but in its current composition, I don’t feel that it is the best in terms of photographic composition.

The yoyo photo is very well laid out.
It follows the simple “rule of thirds” (the eye tends to focus on one of the “thirds” in a frame, to which the yoyo lays.) The colors are very nice, in that there is a consistent color tone that is throughout the whole photo as well. Texturally, there is a nice mix of soft and hard, really pleasant to see.

For sure, without a doubt, I would use the yoyo photo.


bump. need to know today.

Not sure if it is to late but the yoyo is awesome.

2nd one rocks all day! I like the Chief better in your closet.

I know it’s late but I voted yoyo also. I like the picture of the thread but I agree with the others above, it was just missing something.

Went with the yoyo.