My yo-yo photography

I have been having fun today! :smiley:[img]


haha nice! i really like teh iron man one!

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Thanks! My Route 66 has the perfect colors! 8)

I like the editing on the Route 66 photos! they look really nice. i personally like to keep my pictures un-edited like this

but the photos look good!

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That is a nice photo! I do like un-edited photos a lot, in a way they sort of speak for themselves more. Unfortunately for my photos my camera is such that unless I have perfect lighting outside, my photos normally have a better visual effect edited, and photo editing happens to be somewhat addicting to me. :smiley:

understandable haha. yeah i guess my camera lets me get more pictures without perfect lighting haha. i tend to like the effect a florescent lightbuld has on photographs though ya know what i mean?

Did you use a florescent in your photo? They do give a nice white light, haven’t tried them though! Since they take a while to light up (and they sorta bother me for some reason, like headaches kinda…weird) I don’t have them in my room, but I’ll check out taking pictures the garage for sure!

i wish i had like portable florescents that i could take where i go with me but the ones i used in that picture were just my kitchen lights haha. and maybe your just a little more sensitive to bright lights. its not terribly uncommon but they do do wonders for photographs haha.

That would be cool. I wish I had nice picture taking equipment, though I would get tired of lugging it around. It would be good for special occasions though.

Some of these are kinda in the same vein as some previous ones but here are some new pictures.

I like the 4th and 5th, but I think a yoyo laying down or angled like it was trying to be walked would give it a greater feel, right now it looks odd being straight up and perfect. (all my opinion of course)

My two favorite things.

Chucks and SS. hahaha.

yup. gotta <3 Chucks. Chucks <3 SS

^Haha. Except mine are just Rocket Dogs (whatever those are) I got for $2 at a thrift store.

No I agree! That’s actually what I was going for-you can’t see it in the picture but the yo-yo is actually moving around. In all the better shots though it happened to be more upright and I didn’t want it completely on its side like it was left for dead. So eventually I compromised. :wink:

I think you’re trying a little too hard.

With positioning the yo-yo?