YoYo on HDNet

Hey gang not sure if anyone saw this but I thought it was really cool to see!

Sat, Feb 25th
6:30 AM
The International Yo-Yo Open 2009
The best players from fourteen countries converge on the Big Apple, showcasing the latest in mind-blowing tricks and jaw-dropping moves and wowing the crowd of thousands in the historic South Street Sea Port, Pier 17.
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This was on HDNet this morning.

Yeah, I have this one saved indefinitely on my DVR from the last time it aired. It was great to see yoyoing in the spotlight like that, and I really liked how they weren’t afraid to mix in some real yoyo jargon in there for the more experienced audience.

That is awesome, I would love to see this. Anyway you can throw that on a DVD? haha. My friend texted me at 7am to tell me this haha. He’s not into yo-yos but knows that I am and said: I just watched some before I left for work…this one guy was doing stuff I didn’t think was possible!

That was awesome to read and just proves my theory that if more people knew what modern yoyo’ing was all about that it would become mainstream faster and lose a lot of the negativity often associated with yoyo’ing as a kids toy you find at the dollar store.

If you have any knowledge as to how to transfer recorded media from a DVR cable box to DVD you lay it on me because I’d love to be able to preserve it permanently.

IF anyone can tell me when this will rebroadcast on DishNetwork, Pacific Time, i"ll record it(standard def) and try to make it available)

All I know is that it was on the network HDNet and it looks like it is rebroadcasted from time to time since this was not the first it was sent out. I would love to see it to get ideas for Florida States and Worlds this year to see if there is anything I can take away from it with a video production side to it. Studio, do you know if they are still trying to do all of the things with video at Cal States this year?

I hear they are planning a streaming feed with commentary, so I intend to run them a board mix and ambient mix feeds so they can mix and match. I’m bringing out the big desk for maximum capabilities.

I"m gonna run my camera from a side stage position. Won’t be great but I can use it for something else later on. I’ll most likely dump the board mix to that, and run the live mics right to my ProTools interface.

I missed it again =[. I’ve heard they aired it earlier this year and then I missed it too. I can’t find anything online so I can’t watch it here =[. *sigh, gotta wait until the next one.

I just watched it. I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage. I only wish they showed more whole freestyles most of them seemed shortened.

Someone send me a text an hour early so I can record this!

You can subscribe to our newsletter on hd.net to get the next Yo Yo airing. Look for the blue box on the lower left side of our homepage to sign up. We were glad to cover that event.

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…did … was that…just posted on the forum…HDNET!!! Now, that is awesome. Welcome to the forum and thank you very much for helping us get the word out about YoYoing! Major Major Props to you and HDNET!

I will do the same if someone tells me when to record it.

HDnet just posted on yye
What is this madness?

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Yay! I have HDNet on my DishNetwork.

I’ll go scour their programming later. I generally dislike mailing lists.