Did anybody else catch the IYYO on HDNet?

I’ll let you know, for whoever didn’t catch it, I found it to be a great program for both seasoned yo-yo veterans and newcomers/spectators. Of course, the program started off with the dude saying, “this is probably not the yo-yoing that you’re used to. Tricks like Walk the Dog, Rock the Baby, and Around the World are long forgotten.” I was like thank you so much! They walked the viewer through all 5 main divisions, explaining how each style is differentiated from one another. They went through a bunch of players’ freestyles, and the announcer would sort of narrate through each of them, using real yo-yo jargon, of course, and translating for the newcomers when necessary. They even had a few small tutorials in between some sections. These tutorials included Binding, 2A Outside Wraps, and Cold Fusion (he said Cold Fusion is a ‘very complicated string trick’ lol). Overall, it was a killer show, and I was extremely pleased to see something like this bring yo-yoing the way we see it into the light for the general public.

For anyone who did see it: What did you think about the program?

Is there any place I can watch it on the internet. I don’t have a tv and I would really like to see it.

you could try youtube or any other video site. try googling it.

back to the topic, no i didn’t see it but i wished i had. i was at some party.