Hiroyuki Horizontal Help

Ok so how beast is Mickey? I can see why some might not like his style over something more flowing (which I can totally appreciate too) but his videos were the first time I’d ever seen non responsive play and my jaw dropped! I was like “what yoyo’s can do this kinda thing now?!?” Needless to say it made me want to pick it up again after a looooong hiatus.

I doubt I’ll ever get close to his level in my life but since he’s very inspiring it made me a big fan of the Eastern/Asian style of play (super fast, tons of rolls, pops and string hits). Obviously some of it is crazy hard but most of the finger spins look pretty simple in concept, I mean if a 6 year old can do it maybe I could too  ;D

Speaking of which here’s a video of one of Mickey’s little protégés, this kid is sponsored by sOMETHING already! Future world champ right here for sure.

At around 0:46 he breaks into a pretty much move for move routine from one of Hiroyuki’s freestyles.
I’ve started getting into horizontal but the only move I can really do well is the figure 8 and I figure this is something I might be able to handle, only problem is I have trouble figuring out what’s going on, even when I slow it down. It’s really confusing trying to look at like horizontally and imaging how I would have to practice it from a side throw before going horizontal. If someone can point me to a good tutorial video or show me what is happening from a side throw I’d really like to work on this.

Thanks for looking!

It looks like a fairly simple horizontal combo but yea from that point of view ai cant really tell whats going on… Kinda loops like oliver twists, lindy loops, and some eli hops though :smiley:

Oh man if you can’t tell I’m screwed haha, you’re pretty good for only having played for a year

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I mean its just the angle… I could come up with a combo that would be pretty similar to it as, like i said, it just looks like oliver twists, lindy loops, and some eli hops, and other similar variations in there

Theres a lot of much better guys here that could probably be more help than me though haha

yea i mean like i said conceptually it looks simple, its just i have no idea where to start lol

Alright, I slowed it down and figured it out… I’m having trouble completing the whole trick horizontally without spinning out though haha, I could do a vid showing what’s going on vertically though…

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sure dude that would help. im gonna slow it down to a snails pace and try and figure it out.
can you frickin believe this kid?!? to be such a boss at 6, the human body is truly fascinating