Horizontial style

i cant hit the string s like mickey

well did you practice as much as mickey did?
I am pretty sure you didn’t… well then how can you expect to be good as mickey?
Practice is the key word

Yeah… it’s not that hard.

Joseph Harris taught me that when you learn, throw the yo-yo slowly and practice lightly hitting the string and binding. Once you got that try it harder and eventually you’ll get it. I’m not the best horiz player but that helped lots.

One thing that I do is instead of turning and swinging my hand left, I throw it like I would a regular trapeze except and an angle. Hope this helps.

I don’t think he was asking for help. He just said he could do it like Mickey.

I think he was asking for help on why he can’t hit it like mickey.

Hahaha wow! I read the post like 10 times before this, and I kept reading I can hit the strings like Mickey, and even when re-reading I would see it. Weird. I think watching the OldSpice guy has messed up my vision.

i need help samad can u read cant