Any feedback?

Nice, Jesse! I have 2 main things:

  1. Camera angles. You need more! Even if it’s just a single angle for a whole trick, and then another angle for the whole next trick. Gotta mix it up. It’s OK for the audience to not see every piece of a trick; like for the fingerspin bind, you can allow them to miss out on you hopping it up, as long as the spin is in frame and in focus. That string coming out of nowhere and binding the yoyo is great for fingerspin shots. (just one example)

  2. Enthusiasm. I mean, you can’t fake looking all hype (or can you?) but I KNOW for sure you love yoyo. We’ve talked about yoyo lots, and you have the fire, man. The video didn’t convey as much enthusiasm as I know you have.

Nice selection of tricks, though! I need to step up my game and learn some of those.

Thanks Greg!
I don’t know why, but on camera I always look mad haha!
I’ll work on some camera angles.