What do you like to see?

(MikeMonty) #1

What do you like to see in yo-yo videos?


yoyoing xD


Brent Stoles always catch peoples attention the most imo.

(MikeMonty) #4

True but I wanna know what YOU wanna see :slight_smile:


Smooth transitions and clean tricks with good angles transitions hight quality filming and good music.


Agreed. :wink:


As well as consistency with the angles. I’ve seen videos where the change the angles so it’s like, in one angle the half facing us is A color, and then the second angle has B color facing us. Obviously angles aren’t one clip and filmed, but the technique is supposed to portray it as if it is.

Edit: Also smile and put fun/funny things in the video. Yoyoing is extremely fun, so accurately present it as such.



(Kyle V.) #9

I like videos that get straight into the yoyoing. Intros are fine, but those incredibly long intros with a bunch of shots of random trees, buildings, rivers, etc. are just too much.

I like videos with high-ish quality. I mean, it doesn’t have to be professional quality, but being able to see the string is nice.

I also like to see new concepts! Creativity! Interesting new ideas! All that good stuff.


Simplicity, and consistency.
like what samad say.


Smooth throwing, and string visibility.


i want to see less brain twister combos :stuck_out_tongue:


The string :stuck_out_tongue: