YoYo Names?


If you could rename one YoYo what would you change it’s name to?

I’d personally change the Chiks name. Probably to Burnside 2.0. I’d rather ask my dad for a black Burnside 2.0 instead black Chik (you shoulda seen the look on his face).

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Your old man doesn’t like black chiks?

I would rename the Dark Magic as Dark Arts. DM2 could become DAT.


I prefer Asian Chiks… Too bad YYR didn’t make it :smiley:


I’d be okay with any Chik…

Not necessarily a yoyo, but I’d changed Adegles company name to Adgele.


I got a few hatchlings back at the farm. Care to offer a YoYo for one? They are 2 weeks I believe.


I’d probably change the Werrd POO to s similar name but starting with an “S” but only 'cause I know that’s what it was originally going to be called but was changed to be a little more “G” rated :stuck_out_tongue:

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Asians are amazing. :wink:


Umm, I love the name of the Burnside, summit, and kinda chief.

I don’t like the name of the g funk, dark magic.

I dont hate these, but im not a fan:dang,Dietz, and H3X


I remember someone posting something about the Chief.

Something along the lines of it being called…

El Jefe

That would be cool.