I need a name!

Alright minions, I need a name. I’m trying to set up a business doing birthday parties and demonstrations, and I need a catchy yoyoer name. All the easy ones are taken.

Mr. Yoyo Thrower or Mr. Yoyo Man. In a pinch, you could go with Mr. Weebly.

Or maybe Yoyoda.

Captain Yoyo! It’s small, it’s catchy, and you sound like a super hero!

Nicholas Cage.


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Yoyo monkey!

Ambassador of the beckoning wayward winds of the east, slayer of the demons of the eastern mountains.

Admiral M. F. Yo (Admiral yo for short)

I believe I still have your old business card laying around here somewhere.

Big Fat Ugly Bug-Face Baby-Eating O’brien.

I loved this, but It doesn’t have that ring of being an officialy title.

Sorry, that sounds waaaaay awesomer than I am.

Buttons the Yo-Yo Squire :smiley:

My girlfriend almost fell off the couch laughing at that one.
How about “buttons the yoyo monkey”
This may need to become a cartoon character.


Sound a bit like bubbles, the other monkey.

Jensen is Yoyoda. :wink:
(go to 3:20)

Nothing I got is better than “buttons the yoyo monkey.” :smiley:

J-Meug the YoYo Guy.

Try going by your favorite style of throwing, ex. Chopsticks- Mr. Choptastic

Bob, Mr . Y

The Child Strangler.

Ok seriously, how about “The Spin Doctor”…