yoyo making...

ive there are people who can make yoyos, how? unresponsive, long sleepin ones

ummmm what?

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Do you mean on a wood lathe by hand? Or on a CNC machine? Or ones you can buy? You need to be more specific with your posts so we can better help you :wink:

A more appropriate suggestion would be to form a sentence that someone can comprehend.

Or even just a sentence?

or just not post

Benyo, we’ve seen you post just fine before. Please fix this “post” so that we can know what you’re talking about.

Yes, people can make yoyos. I have to know how to use a CNC machine though or a wood lathe for wooden yos. Not an easy thing to do.

you’re well ther ttly p0wnzors, so tey can make them unresponsive long sleeping twos.

HAHAHA… ROTFL… WTF am I doing?

I was most frightened after thinking “it’s OK, he proably lives in a non-English speaking country”… and then seeing USA in his Location on his profile! Either that or this post was heavily, heavily chemically influenced.

haha ya, looking at the post, i think that some chemicals may have been used in the making of the post.


but really: ENGLISH, DO YOU SPEAK IT? or incase you cant understand, iz english you know speek how?

You guys are being so friendly.

In my opinion this thread is already supposed to be dead. If he wanted any feedback he would have gone back and fixd what he said.