custom yoyos?


does anyone know how to make yoyos? aluminum or any type of metal? i figure most metal is similar

what would you need to be able to make them, and the equipment needed (if you know) im just really curious and it would be awesome to make yoyos


Out of metal or even wood, a CNC type machine would be great. Not sure if you’d need something like a 5-axix, but you’d want something that can do rather fine and delicate work.

To program the CNC machine, you need to understand CAD software.

The CAD software can be affordable. The CNC machine? Not so affordable.

For wood, and even metal, you can use a lathe and turn it yourself, but the consistency might be off and your skills would have to be really good and have the right tools for the right materials.

Some people are using printers that print ABS plastic. This is actually one of the better ways to do a one-off, although they probably might be flawed and might not be good for a really functional end product.

Let’s put it this way:
You can do it. Doing it yourself entirely is going to be excessively expensive because the tools aren’t going to be cheap. Best to outsource some of the work to a machine shop.

Get started with a CAD package to do your design. From there, it’s up to you how you want to pursue this.