YOyo magazine?!?


i was wondering if they have yoyo magazines, like sports illustrated except yoyoing, if they do can u tell me…thnks


Well I haven’t seen one in my whole life… I’ve seen trick books… lol.

So yeah. I think there’s none.


I started to make one but it is a lost cause.


Well there’s like shows online like the StringBurn Live.


nope, never seen one in the four months Iv’e pllayed let you know when i do!! :wink:


I think YoYoGuy has put out a few publications, actually. Nothing on an annual basis, but I do remember reading an article by Steve Brown about what it means to be a Yo-Yoer(or something like that, it was years ago), but it was more like a catalog.
Really, at this point putting out something on a regular basis isn’t logical.


Currently no, there isnt any magazines. Around the last boom there was “Yoyo World” and “Fiend”, both were great but only lasted a few issues. With the internet now days there really isnt a need for a magazine, since by the time it’s published all the information is old news.


The closest thing we’ve had since the late 90s has been the catalog for yoyoguy… it is really a promotional item for that store, but several years ago Greg started putting real articles in it that were actually quite good. The idea was that people would keep them around longer if they were worth more than just advertising.

However, I don’t think he’s actually put out a new catalog in quite a while… at least not that I’ve seen.



I actually subscribed to YoYo World back in the day.