Yoyo King anyone?


Just found these yoyos online. I’m looking at the grind control and spin control models by Yoyo King. Other than the description I can’t find anything else. Has anyone heard about this company? Are their throws any good?


So nobody has ever heard of this brand?


Could you wait a few days? Sometimes it takes a few days for people to get the answers they want.


Sure. All I know is that it’s new.


Since they seem to have been released fairly recently, there’s probably not that many people out there that have them. And even fewer on this forum.

I haven’t played either, but they look like pretty solid designs - especially the Spin Control.

For $45 I say pick one up.

Though the only concern I have is that the axle threads don’t appear to be of the highest quality. Probably why they’re only $45 :smiley: No proof of this, but it looks like they may be prone to stripping.


How can you tell?

(ChrisFrancz) #8

I never see Yoyo King mentioned here. Does anyone have any of their yoyos? I got the Everloop in 2015 but gave up looping or rather gave up failing at looping.


I bought a few of their models on Amazon before I found “real” yo-yo stores. They’re not bad.

One of the cheapest bimetals out there in the Yoyo King Ghost. I thought I had a similar model in the “Space Monkey” but turns out that is a different shape and from Spintastics, whatever that is…?

Also the Yoyo King Merlin / Jester looks a lot like the plastic starter yo-yos sold elsewhere to me? So maybe they are rebranded?

Models I see on Amazon, ordered by price (lowest → highest)

  • Everloop (looper)
  • Merlin / Jester (intro plastic)
  • Dr. Smalls (undersized metal)*
  • Spin Control (metal)*
  • Proto9 (metal, red)*
  • Watcher (metal, splashes)*
  • Double Agent (metal, solids)*
  • Ghost (bimetal, black)*
  • Grind Control (metal, solids)

* comes with both wide and narrow bearings included

Huh. The Proto9 was from a kickstarter

I have to say these are pretty good deals, considering you get both bearing types with many (most?) of the metal ones.

(Tyler) #10

I had bought a Merlin on Amazon as basically my first yoyo, and then learned about unresponsive and real yoyo companies/retailers. I’ve since turned that Merlin into a Christmas tree ornament.


Reading the details of the kickstarter and the company / person behind it (Clean Air Commerce LLC), it looks to me like this is the “house brand” yoyo of another online yo-yo store. See for yourself.

(ChrisFrancz) #12

I was hesitant to mention Yoyo King here since none of their yoyos are sold on YYE but this is a yoyo forum. I’ve been reading reviews of some of their models and they were pretty good. I found it odd I never see them mentioned in the forum. Another big online store says they will not sell them and since YYE does not stock them either it seems as if they are percieved as a more highly-priced dollar store yoyo but judging by reviews of their high-ends, there may be some overlooked gems in their line.

(ZAC) #13

I have a Merlin, jester, dr. Smalls and ghost. They are okay. The ghost is the only one that is decent, imo. They all feel pretty cheap tho. Okay for a beginner but once I got a Shutter they just no longer cut the mustard.

Dr. Smalls is the worst by far. It is popstar sized, but feels like your flinging a rock around. Mine met its doom while I was doing Eli hops on some train tracks. When it hit the highest point it came unscrewed mid-air.


Yoyo King yoyos are twice as expensive rebranded Chinese yoyos. You can find their models for cheaper almost everywhere if you look. Look for Magic Yoyo and Yoyoempire mainly.


Zeekio is also rebranded YoyoEmpire as well.