Looking for a yoyo

I am looking for a yoyo? Should I try something new or should I stick with the basic companies like yoyofactory, onedrop, yoyojam, or clyw?

Try something new it’s always good to spread your brands out and try something new.

Go with whatever looks best for you. As long as it’s a yoyo you don’t already own it should be fine.

I personally like c3yoyodesign :slight_smile: But I agree try different brands.

I can’t be the only person wondering why you post so many question topics and never respond to any of them. And despite the fact that you’ve posted topics indicating you are having difficulties learning some tricks, your “Fav. Yo-Yo” is listed as “I dont have a yoyo :(”

I really don’t know what’s going on here, but I am going to recommend you pick up a good beginner’s Yo-Yo like the YYF Velocity that can go from responsive to unresponsive, and start practicing.



Just do your research before making threads. And respond to them sincerely so that you don’t appear to be a troll.

I’ve thinking this exactly.

I’ve said quite the same thing on his post,dunno which one


Lol you can just get a shutter XD

That’s what it sounds like.

I say you oughta stick with what you know is good. Many times I have tried to explore new yo-yo’s from smaller companies and I have been disappointed. I think that yo-yo’s from smaller companies are for other people to buy and for me to try lol.

King to star rapid light: mono metal v shape $55
King to star rainfly:bi metal v shape like a draupnir $65
I know the manager of this company trust me their yoyos are so good
Or you can wait for the king yo star pun which is mid size mono metal with step-straight shape; cheaper