Yoyo Judging: Fixed Axle for 1A?

So yeah I’m planning to do that, but not sure what trick should I avoid to keep the scoring going. I mean, I don’t wanna just “do it for the sake of it”, I want to be competitive too, even though I don’t mind having small score I just need to know that I’m putting my best effort to it.
I read the rules and been judging smaller contests a bit, but it’s still confusing with fixed axle in some cases:
The rules said I can’t do looping, does shoot the moon counts?
Do stalls count?
Do you think the judges should give more point on certain “simple bearing tricks”? like fixed axle gyro flop is totally difficult but bearing gyro flop is too basic I personally won’t score, or things like lacerations should score more, or other tricks that are considered simple but really difficult with a fixie.
I think that’s it for now.

i don’t think you would do very well.

don’t get me wrong, i think it would be a fun freestyle to watch, but if you are competing in the 1a division, it’s with other 1a players and with 1a judges who will use the same rules they use for everyone else. you can’t expect judges to guesstimate the relative difficulty of fixed elements and appropriately apply it to you based on your equipment. competitive yo-yo is a game, and you go into it using the equipment that you can best use to win. since what competitors use is their choice, a judge should reward a gyro-flop or a laceration the same for everyone, regardless of what they are using. otherwise they have to try to make assumptions based on EVERYONE’S choice of equipment. (do i get more points for using a walter? how about using a peak vs. using a scout?)

also, while you might get clicks for regeneration elements in stuff like moons, hops, or loops, you’re not going to get significant clicks for repeated loops. 1a is judged as tricks with one “string-trick” yo-yo. i THINK you would get some clicks for hitting stalled tricks like kickflips or varials (there isn’t really a precedent), but those tricks take TIME and (i would bet) are prohibitively inconsistent compared to the clicks you would get.

BELIEVE ME, i want fixed axle to be embraced and enjoyed by everybody - i’ve spent the past decade focusing on it. IMO, the competitive stage (as it exists right now) is not where it belongs. to me, the idea is the equivalent of “soul surfer” on a longboard trying to compete in the world surf league tour. or an acoustic guitarist doing a set in the middle of a speed metal battle-of-the-bands. fun and interesting, but distinctly out-of-place. basically, i feel that fixed axle is not well suited to competition, not because of any inherent weakness on its part, but because it’s TOO important and essential for our contest system to adequately quantify it.

there have been lots of fixed axle contests over the years (we ran a “fixed axle championship of all the world” at worlds from 09-13), but they have generally been infinitely more casual, peer-judged, trick-based, and NOT in direct competition with bearing yo-yo’s. those are a ton of fun. the competitors are never pretending that what we’re doing is somehow more “epic” than playing with a yo-yo, and there’s a lot of laughing and high fives. personally, i never want fixed players to “need” a championship/competitive scene like a lot of bearing players seem to. i think that little corner of yo-yoing should stay about exploring/sharing ideas and just having fun. the second you start doing it for the glory, i think you’ve already lost the essence.


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Fixed axle for 2A? I honestly know someone who’d like to do this at Nats 2A prelims.

What Ed said but a little different. Using fixies in 2A would just make it harder for you to do well.


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this forum’s got plenty of experts anyway!

Best wishes on the 1a routine. The last time fixed axles were used to win in a major contest was back in 1997. The 1a fixed routine will have a very different look to it. I think it would be difficult for judges to evaluate the same way as having a someone perform a Double Dragon routine. If you are looking for accurate judging it would need to be in its own category.

The routine may not be something that ranks high in a contest but it would be a rewarding challenge. There is a lot history attached to the fixed axle string and you will be working with styles perfected by players like Barney Akers, Harvey Lowe, Tex Schultz, Jack Russell and more. Working through the routine may also provide some new ideas for non-responsive yo-yo tricks.

Ed your analogies on fixed axle play are great! Thanks for running the Fixed Axle championship at the World contest. It was fun!