Fixed axel?!?!

So I have finished out all of the 1a yoyos I practically want, other than some eternal throws (that statement is going to come back to bite me). Now comes time to try out some more fixed axels.

I have an OUT JFF and really enjoy it but when I try to do more loopy type of tricks it doesn’t work too well. Do I just need more practice with it or is there a yoyo that would be better for fixed looping that could still easily do stalls and such at the same time?

I used to be decent at 2a so I know I know how to loop, but maybe there is a different technique to fixed axel looping?

I am looking for a fixed axel that can loop well. Throw out any suggestions! :slight_smile:

There’s not much inherently different about fixed axle looping, the fixed axle part just affects the “hanging”. The biggest difference in the case of your JFF is that you’re using wood.

Most wood yo-yos should loop pretty easily because the weight is uniformly distributed and isn’t toward the outside of anything. Makes the flip easier. I think you just need to get used to the shape of the walls as they also affect the flipping.

I would say my JFF loops rather well and that it’s more of technique adaptation. Maybe higher walls are easier, but I think the JFF is REALLY versatile for stalls, balances, shoot the moons, and occasional loops. JFF happens to be my throw of the day.

Those are my thoughts and opinions. Baldwin 2015 is another favorite of mine. It’s an Eh killer. I think YYE said they’re going to stock some soon…

Okay! Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m not surprised if it was my looping abilities, it’s been a while :wink: thanks for your input! May look into a Baldwin as well!

The OUT JFF is a butterfly shape. That maybe your problem. I’ve always found that an imperial or raider shape loops far better and easier than a butterfly shape. The reason being that efficient looping requires the yoyo to flip over at the end of the string. A butterfly resists the flip due to the weight distribution. Contrary to what FiveIronBrian says, the butterfly is still somewhat rim weighted due to it’s shape. That is often enough to keep them from looping well.

I still stand by what I said about most wood yo-yos looping pretty easily. They just can’t get very rim-weighted because they are solid-body and the wood is very…not dense.

But JHB makes a good point and I should have said more clearly that thinner and imperial or modified imperial (Raider shape) will be easier for looping. If you want to do both looping and stalls on the string, I would stay away from imperial because string catches are harder. I would recommend a thinner butterfly or modified imperial shape. Cheap Thrills is a good one for looping.

The Baldwin is quite wide and I usually recommend it because I like shoot the moons and balances and everything. But you only mentioned loops and stalls. So I shouldn’t have been so pushy! ;D

Shoot the moons are really fun too! :slight_smile: