yoyo jokes

What if you do a plastic whip with a metal yoyo? And what about the iron whip with a plastic yoyo?
And what’s the deal with the jade whip?

lol i stop and think about that sometimes

what happens if you throw a clyw avalache on the ground?

its creates a hurricane

A guy accidentally hits his dog with his Mighty Flea. His dog barks back,“What??!!! I work hard enough scratching parasites off already, and now they’re making parasites in YOYO FORM???!!!”

you guys are funny! keep it goin!

watch what happens when this yoyo responds in the middle of leg wrap trap…

No children

so i went to sleep with a yoyo in my pocket i started wanting to play it but it was already sleeping
bump for cheesy joke

when i was playing with my dragonfly I asked my self " am i playing with a real life dragonfly"

Ok, so what do you get when you combine a yoyoer, an x-brain, and some force?


After i was done watching the matrix i was kind enough to rewind. Then i drove to the video store at mach 5. The guy at the counter told me i had a late fee so i made a clean breakaway.