My first yoyo...ball ;D

This was and still is my very first yoyo… well yoyoball more like. :smiley: Thought I’d share it with you. Works perfectly fine too, just doesn’t sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty cool, Have you tried looping with it? or would that not work?

I’ve used that before, its a ok looper.

haha, it loops. Not well though. I’ll post a video at one point with it in it. :smiley:

whenever someone asks if they can try my yoyo I give them my yoyoball :smiley:

LOL yoyoball nice joke dude. I need to do that.

“Hey nice yoyoing skills”
“Can i try your yoyo?”
“Oh here you can have this(yoyoball), its even better, it cost me $250 its soo rare”
(walking away) AWW I CANT DO THIS!

I either give them a yoyoball, or if they are feeling confident I let them use an old saber wing. both are funny. I always have to have one because I would never let anybody touch my DV888 except my friends that CAN yoyo.

can you do a trapeze with that? ;D ;D ;D

i have had one of those and no you cant do trapeez

Dude that’s like the bigest yoyoing joke. How are you supposed to do tricks with those?

You’re not. It’s a little kid’s toy just to have fun with the up and down motion of a yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue: