yoyo jam legacy2

okay i got a yo yo jam legacy 2 so i decided to do a review of the yoyo jam legacy 2 heres what i thought…

really smooth when i used it out of the box
really responsive at first so you need to use it alot at first if you want it unresponsive
great to learn bind because of how responsive it is
good for a beginner and great to have around
have great color combos
light for people who use heavy yoyos but good to whip around
not bad to have for competition use because of the price
could be around $8 cheaper
great for people who learn how to bind and if you know how to bind
overview a good yoyo to have and if you don’t have it your missing out

If you thought this was useful please reply l

You do know that the Legacy is both responsive and unresponsive, right? It comes with 2 different bearings.

I think you could have given more info in the review.

the thing was my legacy was responsive even with the wide bearing that is why i said it

oops wrong thread lol