yoyo Jake (cuztom yoyo string) review.

      I give a good thanks to yoyo Jake for sending me some yoyo string for free, and i apologize for my extreme lateness due to my hiatus.

Length: 35-40 inches.

      First impression: The strings came shipped in an envelope the same day i recieved my alchemy strings so I was hesitant to switch strings, but i did. The strings at first feel were fairly rough but extremely attractive. I could tell they were quality.

      First throw: The string released well and binded without problem. I performed a few slacks and whips as well as testing how fast it would get tension. The string held up tension actually more than i expected home-made string to hold and was really nice with the whips and slacks. 

      Over time: The string had lost its roughness after an hour ,which i enjoyed very much, and became very smooth on my fingers. The string i had attached to my other 888 still stayed strong and refused to break. These strings are actually very durable and lasted much better than the polyester strings i had received here. The vibrant colors that had left the envelope still were nice and bright and i was a pleased thrower.

Pros: Very good-looking. Durable. Long and capable for players to adjust.
Cons: Hard at first.

Thank you and if i need to make changes to this post please tell me.

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how long has it lasted you so far?

it last’s a long time

pretty long, i switched back to alchemy but during that two week time frame it had yet to fray, and i carry my yoyo everywhere