Yoyo Inspiration

What is your inspiration or some of them? People, music, etc.

Magne Saetran
Sean Perez
Bryan Jardin
David Molnar

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Diamonds by Rihanna

Motivational People
My Parents
My Brother
Joseph Patterson
Andre Boulay

Baby by Justin Bieber
What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Love Story by Taylor Swift
Skrillex by Dubstep
idk but baby just haz 2 b mi fvrite sng yolo


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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lol dae hate le mainstream?

Well, I just found a definite inspiration. I saw the movie Frozen and heard the song Elsa sings called Let it Go. It brings inspiration to me. It makes me want to give yoyoing all I’ve got.

I like this. Definitely different as some of us get inspiration from places beyond just yoyoers.

For myself, I gain much yoyo inspiration from Hiroyuki Suzuki and Yuuki Spencer. Both are incredibly talented players who I have followed over the years, even during my hiatus as I very much enjoy both of their styles despite being very different. I find some of my best trick creation moments occur after watching either of them throw from a video or freestyle.

Outside of yoyoers,
Music: I find myself feeling very open to throwing when I have anything from Ayumi Hamasaki playing.
The vocal style and variety of sounds from her numerous songs have a very interesting effect on my playing.

And fictional characters, Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) obviously. But that character is someone who always inspired me daily as someone who despite being a bit clumsy and not too perfect, can still achieve greatness beyond what anyone else would think, and that always keeps me going forward (since I can be kind of a klutz sometimes :slight_smile: )

Tylor Mccallumore. He taught me almost all of the tricks that I know. Plus he’s hilarious.

BANGARAAAAAAAAAAAAANG: By that dude with the hair
Any slow Dream Theatre song
The most recent Blue Man Group Song,

janos karancz
eric koloski
riccardo fraolini

army of the pharaohs
jeru the damaja
Come On by Acts 29