Yoyo injuries


Has anyone ever been hurt while yoyoing if you have what was the worst/funniest injury?

Mine is I was playing with a yyf whip and it shattered mid play, I woke up in the hospital and now without my contacts I’m practically blind


Man that sucks for you

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Search the forums. There are dozens of threads on this topic.


Mine was my friends injury i absent mindedly threw a breackaway and hit him on the head.



are you sure it was a yoyo and not a …


but seriously, how is that even possible? did it like, explode in mid air into eye seeking shrapnel? were you knocked out? I MUST KNOW HOW DOES ONE MAKES A YOYO IN A POTENTIALLY LETHAL DEVICE!


The day I got my OneDrop Sovereign, I was playing and did not realize how grabby the polished Titanium and new response pads really were. It is no fun to get blind-sided by a Ti yoyo. I remember doing a matrix, the second double-or-nothing was just coming around when it decided to bind… It hit me square in the temple. The next thing I knew; I was looking straight up at the ceiling with my son leaning over me.

“weird”, I wondered. “How did I get here?” :o


My brother hit his eye with my protostar and cut his eyelid. It bled for a while, but no permanent damage was done. I have hit my self in the face many times.


I have got hit in the nose with my Yoyo plenty of times its scary


I almost gave myself a black eye with a g5. Hit my forehead instead, hurt like crazy.


I couldn’t help but laugh, sorry. That’s funny that it shattered mid play. Such an epic story man.

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So I was yoyoing real real hard like we yoyoers do, mmmkay?

And I stepped on a lego


A Whip just shattering during normal play? How new was this Whip?

Could’ve possibly been a faulty product. Almost seems like you shouldn’t have to pay for those medical bills cough cough


Almost the same thing happened to me. Only I was doing the boingy-boing and dont ask me how cuz I’m still thinking about that. But my protostar came up and cut me right under the eyebrow and barely missed my eye… Battle scar…


My yoyo was pretty worn I should’ve mentioned that mid play I hit it on my roof (really long string probably shouldn’t have done an Eli Hop)
Not lethal it on of the pieces of plastic just got in my left eye so I was seeing purple :smiley: jk but I did wake up in the hospital cause my eye (not my eye near my eye) started bleeding do my mom rushed me t ER but I was fine but I saw really blurry after a couple of days it got better but not by much then one day it was permanent so I needed contacts (just one)


Fun Fact: yoyos used to be weapons for martial arts the were spheres with blades around them (imagine a wooden ball with blades sticking out of it and being tied around with a rope lethal huh)